Jenga is great. Drunk Jenga is even better. You keep the same basic rules (remove a block and add it to the top of the tower without knocking it over) but with some spicy new rules for each turn. 

Every block in the box is labeled with a phrase or image instructing different people to drink. It could simply say “take a sip,” and the drawer must drink, or it could have a picture of a nose signaling a game of “nose goes” to determine who drinks.

The best part is that you can create your own game by making up whatever rules you want! Get a blank box of blocks and write out your own rules. Or, if you want to make life easier, you can buy a pre-made drunk jenga box

If you’re looking for inspiration for a game you’re creating, we’ve listed out a bunch of drunk jenga rules (things you can write on jenga blocks) that’ll spice up your next party for sure.

Drunk Jenga Ideas for Blocks

  1. Take _ sips
  2. Give _ sips
  3. Finish your drink
  4. Person across finishes their drink
  5. Chug _ seconds
  6. Lobster (Lobsters are known to mate for life. If you draw the lobster, pick a person to be your “mate” for the rest of the game. When you drink, they drink, and vice versa.)
  7. Never have I ever (3 fingers)
  8. Categories (Detailed explanation here.)
  9. Waterfall (Detailed explanation here.)
  10. Pterodactyl (Everyone must go around and say the word “pterodactyl” without showing any teeth. If someone shows their teeth, they drink.)
  11. Reverse (The playing order switches directions.)
  12. One hand (Can only use one hand until the end of the game.)
  13. Staring contest
  14. Marco Polo (Player who drew yells “Marco” and the last person to say “Polo” drinks.)
  15. Truth or Dare (Player chooses truth or dare, and someone else asks them a question or gives them a dare.)
  16. Take a shot (Might want to only add a couple per game!)
  17. Old fart (Oldest player drinks.)
  18. Rhyme time (Player says a word, and everyone has to say a rhyming word. Whoever can’t think of one must drink.)
  19. Talk with an accent
  20. Nose goes (Last one to touch their nose drinks.)
  21. Sobriety test (Drawer must attempt to walk in a straight line. If they succeed… they need another drink!)
  22. Broken bone story (Drawer shares a story about a time they broke a bone. If they’ve never broken one, they drink.)
  23. All blondes (or brunettes or redheads or any other colored hair) drink
  24. Touch the wall (Last person to touch a wall drinks).
  25. Make a rule (Drawer gets to make a rule that lasts the rest of the game. For example, no saying names. If someone breaks the rule, they drink.)
  26. Singles drink
  27. Everyone (All players drink.)
  28. Group selfie (Drawer takes the selfie.)
  29. Make a toast (Drawer must make a grandiose toast!)
  30. Arm wrestle (Drawer picks someone to arm wrestle. Loser drinks. Don’t knock over the tower!)
  31. 2 Truths and a Lie
  32. Go Again!
  33. Skip (Next player is skipped.)
  34. Commander Commando (Whoever isn’t wearing underwear drinks. Be honest!)
  35. What Are The Odds
  36. Host Drinks
  37. Strip 1 Item
  38. Left/Right (Person to the left or right of the drawer drinks.)
  39. Neighbors (Both people on either side of the drawer drink.)
  40. Venmo $1 Left (Drawer Venmos $1 to the person on their left.)
  41. Cat people (or dog people) drink
  42. Lefties (All left-handed people drink.)

We hope these Drunk Jenga ideas have inspired you to create your own game! As always, be safe and keep an eye on your friends. Here’s a good idea – be sure to have a few blocks that make players drink water 🙂

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