Whether it’s spooky season or not, there’s never a wrong time to pour a drink and play this Nightmare Before Christmas drinking game!

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Nightmare Before Christmas Drinking Rules

Drink any time…

  • A song starts
  • Zero barks
  • There’s a pumpkin (or pumpkins) on screen 
  • They mayor’s head flips
  • Someone’s body part comes off
  • You see or hear “deadly nightshade”
  • An ingredient is added to a potion
  • A Halloween townsperson misunderstands a Christmas object
  • A kid in Christmastown gets scared of a Halloween present
  • You see Sandy Claws’s undercarriage 

If you want a really tough rule, drink every time a question is asked in a song!

ENJOY YOUR PUMPKIN COFFEE OR EGG NOG (or even some wine!) in these Nightmare Before Christmas mugs

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