This year marks 20 years of Monsters Inc! A lot of us loved this movie in our childhood, but it’s just as much fun watching it as an adult – and now we finally get all the jokes 🙂 Grab your favorite adult beverage and enjoy this Monsters Inc drinking game!

Monsters Inc Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Someone says “scare”, “door”, or “Boo”
  • There’s a code 2319
  • Someone screams
  • Mike gets hurt
  • Sulley feints
  • Randall uses his camouflage
  • Boo says “kitty”
  • A monster goes through a door
  • A monster’s body does something monstrous (slime trail, Celia’s snake’s hiss, etc.)

As always, drink responsibly and have plenty of water on hand! For more fun, check out the full list of movie drinking games here.

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