Adam Sandler doesn’t disappoint in this recent film, released on Netflix in early October 2020. Hubie Halloween has an all-star cast, including Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Steve Buscemi, Maya Rudolph, and Kenan Thompson – ingredients for a pretty great movie. With all of the quirky characters and funny situations, this movie is just begging for a drinking game. So get out your thermos, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy this Hubie Halloween drinking game!

Hubie Halloween Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • Hubie has something thrown at him
  • Something scares Hubie
  • Hubie talks about soup
  • Hubie uses his thermos for a non-soup activity
  • Violet compliments Hubie
  • Someone calls Hubie “Pubie”
  • The escaped man pees on something

Drink 2 sips any time…

  • Someone misuses the word “boner”
  • The mom or her friend are oblivious about their hilarious shirts (check them out here!)

Finish your drink when…

  • The soup saves the day

Need your own boner donor shirt? Check out all of the mom’s hilariously inappropriate shirts.

Fun Facts about Hubie Halloween

Familiar Faces

If Violet’s son Tommy looked familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him as Will Byers in Stranger Things. The actor, Noah Schnapp, is still fairly new to acting but has certainly accomplished a lot for a 16 year old!

A Family Connection

Violet Valentine’s two adopted daughters, Danielle and Cooky, are Adam Sandler’s two real life daughters, Sadie and Sunny. They often have cameos in Adam Sandler movies (Hotel Transylvania, Grownups, and Just Go With It, to name a few). His wife, Jackie, also had a minor role in Hubie Halloween.

Ben Stiller as Hal L in Hubie Halloween

Ben Stiller has a minor role in Hubie Halloween. He is only shown for a few moments at the beginning as the guard in the mental institute. This is a nod to the very similar role he played in Happy Gilmore (also starring Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen) where he acted as an orderly named Hal L, likely a play on the word “hell.” Same outfit, same name, same mustache – just 24 years apart.

Ben Stiller as Hal L in Hubie Halloween and Happy Gilmore.
Hubie Halloween, In Loving Memory of Cameron Boyce

Karan Brar (who played Mike Mundi) and Peyton List (who played a minor character) have been in several TV shows and movies together. The two first starred as siblings in Disney’s show Jessie in 2011. They acted alongside Cameron Boyce, who passed away unexpectedly at a young age in 2019. A slide at the end of Hubie Halloween shows that the movie was dedicated in loving memory to Cameron.

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