We love the animated 1966 version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but this drinking game covers the modern live action version from 2000 with Jim Carrey as the cantankerous Grinch.

Who’s Who in Whoville?

  • Jim Carrey as The Grinch
  • Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Mayor Augustus Maywho
  • Christine Baranski as Martha May Whovier
  • Anthony Hopkins as the narrator
Gif of the grinch in a christmas sweater.

Watch out for Parallels With Jim Carrey’s other movies

Jim Carrey is a very prolific actor who has made some hilarious (not to mention weird!) movies. There were so many interesting parallels between the Grinch and other characters he’s played that we figured you’d find cool (if not, then keep scrolling to the drinking rules 🙂 )

  • In Whoville, a statue of an elephant can be seen, which is a reference to Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who (where Jim Carrey voiced Horton).
  • In A Christmas Carol (2009), Jim Carrey played Scrooge, another Christmas-hating character who turns his attitude around.
  • When trying to make a decision, the Grinch says “Maybe I should’ve just flipped a coin.” This was a reference to Batman Forever (1995) where Jim Carrey played The Riddler along with Two-Face, who would flip a coin to decide his victims’ fates.
  • The Grinch hits his head and says “Owie!” in the same way Carrey says it when he hits his head in Liar, Liar (1997)
  • When the Grinch is acting dramatic about his heart growing and hurting his hand, it mimics the same thing Carrey did in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995) after getting speared in the legs.
  • In Bruce Almighty (2003), Carrey calls up a song by saying “Cue the cheesy music.” This is the same song that plays during the sack race in this movie.
  • Jim Carrey was also green-faced in The Mask (1994).
  • The Grinch driving the tiny car mimics a Christmas sketch Jim Carrey did in 1990 on In Living Color.
The grinch eating because bored gif.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • There’s a rhyme
  • The Grinch uses one of his inventions
  • Cindy Lou Who questions the meaning of Christmas
  • Cindy Lou Who is nice to the Grinch
  • Martha swoons for the Grinch
  • They Mayor does something manipulative
  • Max barks
  • You see a crazy hat

Drink 2 sips any time…

  • You see the Grinch being maybe not so bad

If you want to make things more difficult, you could drink any time someone says “Grinch.” According to IMDB, that happens a whopping 67 times!

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