Harry Potter is a childhood-defining series for a lot of people. At least, it was for us! From the first book that was published in 1997, to the last movie that hit theaters in 2009, it was 13 years of jam-packed magic goodness. Whether you’re watching just this first movie, or embarking on a re-watch of the whole series, spice it up with this Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone drinking game!

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Harry Potter 1 Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip any time…

  • You clearly see Harry’s scar
  • Someone says the full name “Harry Potter”
  • Someone references the stone
  • Ron’s got a witty one-liner
  • Hermione proves to be smart and clever
  • Anyone casts a spell or does magic
  • Someone says “Fluffy” or “3 headed dog”
  • Someone says “Norbert” or “dragon”
  • Seamus blows something up
  • Neville makes a mistake
  • Hagrid regrets saying something (“I shouldn’ta said that” or some variation)
Which challenge in HP & The Sorcerer's Stone would you totally rock?

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