Halloweentown is a classic 90s Disney movie. It’s up there with Hocus Pocus on must-watch spooky movies for October! If you want to mix a little childhood nostalgia with some adult fun, grab a drink and enjoy these Halloweentown drinking games for both the original movie and Halloweentown 2!

Halloweentown Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • Gwen (the mom) makes a concerned or exasperated face
  • Gwen says “mother”
  • Someone mentions Marnie’s interest in weird stuff
  • Marnie argues with someone
  • Dylan sucks up to his mom
  • Someone says “Cromwell”
  • It’s suggested that Aggie is very old
  • You hear a stereotypical magic phrase or spell
  • An ingredient is mentioned
  • Luke is a weiner
  • Luke is not a weiner

Drink 2 sips any time…

  • One of the Cromwell kids uses magic
  • A tornado delivers someone

Halloweentown 2 Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time..

  • The mom and Aggie butt heads
  • Someone talks through the head phone
  • The word “spell” is said
  • There’s a dramatic cut
  • Someone says “whatever”
  • Something goes from colorful to gray, or gray to colorful
  • Aggie or Gort get really into socks 
  • Gort explains his filing system
  • Kal says something ominous
  • Someone mentions the midnight deadline

Finish your drink at midnight!

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