The Prom is a newly released movie on Netflix, based on a Broadway play of the same name. The story features some washed up Broadway actors trying to get back into the media’s good graces. For that, they need a cause to support, and the trending page of Twitter serves it right to them – helping a high school girl overthrow school bureaucracy so that she can take her girlfriend to prom. Read on for a drinking game you can play while watching The Prom!

The Prom Drink Recommendation

Mezcal BlackBerry Smash

This is the drink that both Dee Dee and Barry order right away when asked what they’d like at the bar. It must be their go-to, and for good reason! It sounds delicious.


  • 2 oz mezcal
  • 7 blackberries
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 0.5 oz agave nectar (or simple syrup, if that’s what you prefer)

Add 4 blackberries, mezcal, lime juice, and agave nectar to a glass or cocktail shaker and muddle with a muddler to release all the delicious blackberry juices. Then add ice and stir or shake. For you fancy people, use the other 3 blackberries as a garnish. Enjoy this delicious cocktail while you play this Prom drinking game!

The Prom Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • Someone starts singing
  • Two people harmonize in a song
  • The lights suddenly change
  • One of the actors says something rude or snobbish
  • One of the actors name drops
  • Principle Hawkins stands up for Emma

Big gulp any time…

  • Someone gets real and emotional about their life
  • You don’t understand how one of the Indiana characters can be the way that they are (this might lead to lottts of drinking)
  • One of the actors goes out of their way for Emma

Finish your drink when…

  • A relationship is repaired

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