We’ve got two great versions of Aladdin, the original animated one from 1992 and the live action remake from 2019. No matter what your preference is, this Aladdin drinking game will work for either one!

Disney seems to be on a “live action remake” kick at the moment. We’ve got live action Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Jungle book, with many more coming out over the next several years. While the original Aladdin is certainly a classic, we’ve got to hand it to Disney with the remake. They picked some fantastic actors and did a great job with embellishing the story line.

The Genie is probably a favorite character for most people. Robin Williams voiced the Genie in the animated movie, and Will Smith played the Genie in the live action movie. We’re curious – tell us which Genie you love more!

Who Made A Better Genie?We want to know who your favorite genie is! Feel free to vote below and see the poll results.

Live Action and Original Aladdin Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • Aladdin jumps off of a building
  • Abu steals something
  • The Genie transforms into something else
  • The carpet catches Aladdin
  • Rajah the tiger sizes someone up
  • Someone says “jams”
  • You cringe massively while Aladdin courts Jasmine
  • Someone says “street rat”

Drink 2 sips any time…

  • Jarar’s mind control gets interrupted
  • Aladdin destroys part of the marketplace

When a 1st wish is made, drink 1 sip. When a 2nd wish is made, drink 2 sips. When a 3rd wish is made, drink 3 sips.

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