After the disastrous Trump/Biden debate last week, all eyes will be on Harris and Pence to see how they react. And our guess is that you’ll need some alcohol for this one! Grab a drink and play along with this 2020 Vice Presidential Debate drinking game.

Be sure to check out the 2020 Presidential Debate drinking game, which will be updated for the second debate!

Drink any time Mike Pence…

  • Talks about God or Religion
  • Refers to himself as conservative or Republican
  • Brings up Kamala’s stance on criminal issues
  • Talks about his former talk show
  • Mentions what Trump has done for the economy
  • Name drops another Republican politician
  • Talks about law and order
  • Brings up bad things Kamala said about Biden in the primaries

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Drink any time Kamala Harris…

  • Talks about her family
  • Name drops another Democratic politician
  • Brings up Pence’s stance on social issues
  • Says something bad about Trump (racist, xenophobic, sexist, bigoted, etc.)
  • Mentions Trump’s taxes
  • Talks about immigration or healthcare
  • Talks about how much better Biden would be than Trump (aka needing a more presidential president)

Drink any time either Pence or Harris…

  • Bring up Trump’s Covid diagnosis (finish your drink the first time it’s mentioned!)
  • Mention the virus in general
  • Talk about supreme court justices
  • Interrupt each other
  • Dodge a question
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