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  • Complete Guide To Throwing A Low-Waste Party
    Everyone loves a good party, but nobody loves the waste they create! Here is a guide to help you throw the perfect low-waste party – one that’ll save you money and help
  • Best Glass Cocktail Shakers: Beautiful and Durable
    The modern cocktail shaker was likely invented in the mid-1800s. Prior to that, cocktails had been mixed by sloshing the liquid back and forth between different containers. While that may work, a
  • Best Cocktail Shakers That Don’t Get Stuck
    You’ve just made the perfect cocktail. And you used a cocktail shaker to look extra fancy. But when you’re ready to serve it, the lid won’t come off. It’s stuck. Won’t budge.
  • Best Shot Glass Serving Trays
    We’re all familiar with that moment at a party where someone yells “shots!’ and, well, that means everyone’s taking a shot. If you’ve ever tried carrying full shot glasses over to your
  • The Mom’s Hilariously Inappropriate Shirts in Hubie Halloween
    Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler’s newest film, is exactly the goofy spooky movie we needed this month. It’s got a lot of great recurring jokes – one of which is the mom’s shirts
  • Drinking Games For Your Favorite Halloween TV Episodes
    The Halloween specials in these TV comedies are absolutely some of the best. If you want to do a spooky binge of some of your favorite shows, use this list to play
  • Amazing Cocktail Scented Candles You’ll Want To Drink
    We all love a good candle. They smell good, they’re comforting, and you can find one to match any scent preference you have. Everyone’s got their favorite cocktail – one that just
  • Jay And Ice From Hocus Pocus: Where Are They Now
    Jay and Ice are the stereotypical 90s bullies in the cult-classic Disney movie, Hocus Pocus. They’re first seen hanging out in the graveyard, when Max happens upon them and gets his shoes
  • Waterfall Rules: How To Waterfall A Drink
    There are many drinking games out there that make you “waterfall” your drink as a rule. One of the most notable is Ring of Fire (also called King’s Cup, or sometimes even
  • Funny Offensive Drink Names
    If you’re looking for something fun to order during your next night out, have we got the list for you! There are countless cocktails out there, but here are some of the
  • Terry’s Shirts in Solar Opposites
    If you’ve seen Solar Opposites, you’re probably familiar with the hilarious variety of t-shirts sported by Terry. Some of them don’t make a lot of sense, which makes them even more comical.
  • Best Beer Jigsaw Puzzles (That Are Actually In Stock)
    It’s no secret that the hobby of doing jigsaw puzzles has exploded since the coronavirus lock-downs. And with good reason! It’s a really fun way to pass some time either alone or