Many people are jumping on the jigsaw puzzle bandwagon due to the Covid isolation boredom. As they should! Puzzling is a fun and productive way to spend your time. And it can be done in conjunction with other things, such as watching TV or… drinking?! If you want to spice up your puzzle-doing, just follow these jigsaw puzzle drinking game rules!

You may have noticed that during this quarantine, puzzles seem to be sold out everywhere. While this means lots of people are enjoying a new fun hobby, it can be frustrating trying to track down reasonably-priced puzzles. So, we’ve put together a list of in-stock beer-themed puzzles that we think you’ll love.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Drinking Game Rules

First of all, while you’re setting everything up, start out by taking the number of sips equal to the number of pieces in your puzzle divided by 100. So if you’re doing a 500 piece puzzle, take 5 sips.

Take a sip anytime… 

  • You connect an edge piece to a non-edge piece
  • You complete an element of the puzzle (i.e. all the pieces that make up one part of the picture)
  • A piece falls off the table
  • You accidentally disconnect two connected pieces
  • You get fooled by two pieces that really look like a match, but aren’t
  • You get fooled by two pieces that really don’t look like a match, but are
  • You have to move a large section to the other side of the table (+1 sip for every piece you drop along the way!)
  • Your pet gets a littttle too close to absconding with a piece
  • You darn well feel like it!

Take a shot or finish your drink when…

  • You complete the border
  • You finish the puzzle (extra drink for each piece you’re missing when you’re done!)

Puzzles are fun alone or with a friend, with or without alcohol. Of course, if you decide to play the alcohol way, be safe and know your limits! Here’s a good optional rule: take a sip of water every time you connect two pieces that have blue in them 🙂 

Puzzles We’re Currently Obsessed With

Two of our recent conquests and all time favorites!

3-D Hogwarts Puzzle (1725 pieces)

Detailed Cartoon Camping Puzzle (500 pieces)

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