Love Letter is perfect for a drinking game because the rounds are quick and full of action. The object of the game is to end up with the Princess, or as high of a card as possible. But there are lots of unexpected twists and turns along the way.

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Love Letter Drinking Game Rules

  • If you play a Guard, and guess someone’s hand correctly, they use the number on their card to take that many sips. If you guess incorrectly, you use the number on the card you guessed to take that many sips. 
  • When a Baron is played, and two people compare hands, the loser must drink.
  • If you’re forced to trade hands with someone, take a drink.
  • If you must play the Countess, take a drink.
  • If you play a Spy, and someone else plays a Spy later that round, take a drink.
  • If you lose because you had to discard the Princess, you’re a fool – take a big ol’ drink!
  • At the end of the entire game, everyone subtracts the number of tokens they have from 3, and they must take that many shots. For example, if you only had one token, it’s 2 shots for you!

Here’s an optional rule to spice things up a bit. This one requires being sneaky. At the beginning of the round, after looking at the initial card, everyone must drink the number of sips equal to the number on their card. As everyone will likely be watching each other, the key is to not give away how many sips you’re taking. Good luck if you’ve got the princess… you somehow have to take 9 sips without people thinking you’re taking that many!

Extreme Love Letter Drinking Game Version

Every time you play a card, use the number on it to take that many sips. This will lead to A LOT of sips, so it might only be sustainable for one round! Feel free to substitute some water sips in there as well.

Love Letter Card Game Variations

This game has been so popular that variations have been made to the original. Check out the other versions, including Batman, Marvel, Archer, and Munchkin!

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