Ah, Valentine’s Day. Some love it, some hate it. If you’ve got someone to spend it with, chances are you’re looking for something fun to do that day! As much as we love a good Galentine’s or Palentine’s party, here is a list of fun drinking games that you and your significant other can play as a couple on Valentine’s Day!

By the way, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year. That’s usually not the most ideal night for drinking, but don’t despair, because the next day happens to be President’s Day. If you’ve got that day off work, then you’re in luck – drink away 🙂 But as always, be safe, know your limits, and drink plenty of water. Just because you might have the day off doesn’t mean you want to be hungover!

Valentine’s Day Drink Recommendation: Mini Wine Bottles

In Good Taste mini wine bottles.

If you like wine, but haven’t tried In Good Taste yet, hear me out. Buying a full bottle of a wine you haven’t tried can be intimidating, but this company ships you mini-bottles of all kinds of wine so you can enjoy a glass of each without committing to an expensive full bottle. And they come in the most stylish glass containers. They’ve got a Valentine’s Day special of 16 mini-bottles for $100 – all different flavors from different vineyards! That comes out to about $6 per bottle. If you’re looking to make your Valentine’s Day extra special (and extra delicious), check out their page to see what unique wines you can have delivered.

Fun Ideas for Valentine’s Day Drinking Games:

1. Romantic (or Rom-Com) Movie Drinking Games

Holidate drinking game.

Okay, so we know not everyone loves rom-coms. But if there’s any day to watch one, Valentine’s Day is that day. And there are actually some pretty funny and sweet ones out there. If you haven’t seen it, we recommend Holidate, a satirical rom-com that came out in 2020. Or how about Wedding Crashers? That’s a semi-romantic movie that anyone would enjoy. Or if you’re going for a little more sappy, consider No Strings Attached

But you don’t have to watch a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day! Check out this whole list of movie drinking games that you can enjoy with your partner.

2. “The Ultimate Game For Couples” – Card Game

This is a pre-made game that is perfect for a casual night in with your partner. The cards ask fun questions that’ll show you how well you really know each other! Easily turn it into a drinking game by drinking for every question you get wrong. The game also provides fun challenges for you to do to and with each other. As far as purchasable couples’ games go, The Ultimate Game for Couples is one of the most popular.

3. Two-Player Video Games

Overcooked drinking game.

This is one way to get your hearts pounding on Valentine’s Day! Play with or against your partner in a fun two-player video game like Mario Kart, Overcooked, or Minecraft. We’ve got drinking rules for all of them. Just make sure you don’t get so competitive that one of you ends up in the doghouse!

4. Puzzles & Drinking

If you’re looking for a really chill activity to do, why not a puzzle? Pick out a new one together, or use one you’ve already got. And yep, you can make that a drinking game too, with these jigsaw puzzle drinking rules

Funky “Love Lives Here” puzzle:

“Catanic” puzzle:

5. Drinking Game Apps

There are tons of mobile apps out there that take the planning out of drinking games. All you have to do is download them (so many are free), and you can begin playing right away. And a lot of them have options to play either a tamer version or a spicier version, depending on who you’re playing with and what you’re looking for. Here are a few that are pretty fun: 

  • 5 Second Rule: Gives you 5 seconds to fully answer a question (such as, name 3 hairy things), and if you don’t make it, you drink.
  • Drunkin’ Drinking Games: Gives you questions to answer or challenges to do (example: it might tell one person to take as many sips as articles of clothing they’re wearing). 
  • Truth or Dare: The classic game you know and love, but in app-form. 

6. Spicier Games

Well, it is a romantic holiday! There are tons of games made to spice up a couple’s date night. Check out some of these popular ones, and see if they tickle your fancy:

Loopy – Game Night for Couples:

Talk, Flirt, Dare:

No matter what you choose to play and drink, we hope you have a great (and safe) Valentine’s Day!

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