Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler’s newest film, is exactly the goofy spooky movie we needed this year. It’s got a lot of great recurring jokes – one of which is the mom’s shirts that she so proudly bought at a thrift shop with her friend. If only she knew what they meant! Here’s a list of the mom’s shirts in Hubie Halloween and where you can find them for yourself.

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Hubie Halloween mom's shirt says boner doner.

Anyone else do a double take when they first introduced the mom? This may be the best shirt in the show, the shirt that launched a thousand jokes. Poor sheltered Hubie, that’s all we’ve got to say.

Check out the “boner doner” shirt – $20

Don’t forget, friends, they wore these shirts in public, on live television, with big smiles on their faces. True icons.

“It’s not going to lick itself” shirt – $20

“I Shaved my balls for this?” shirt – $20

Want to look as cool as Mrs. Banerjee? Here’s a bold piece for your Halloween wardrobe.

“Happy HalloWeener” shirt – $14.50

Now this is a confusing piece of clothing. Is it a vest? Is it a two-toned long sleeve shirt? Either way, she rocks it.

“I’d hit that” shirt – $20

Honestly more people in the world need this shirt! If you can’t handle the blast zone, get out of the fart range.

“If you can read this, you’re in fart range!” shirt – $20

This was one of the more subtle shirts in our opinion. I guess we could see how she might think someone genuinely attended a diving class led by someone named Muff. But… that doesn’t really look like water he’s diving into.

“Muff’s Diving School” shirt – $20

Well, it is the truth. Maybe she just really likes kayaking? It’s the pink color and the glitter on the image that really gets us. Looks like something you might get from a kiosk as you step off your cruise ship in the Bahamas.

“Kayaking gets me wet” shirt – $20

The mom’s shirts in Hubie Halloween are certainly a bold style choice, but more power to her! Can’t pass up those good thrift store deals when they come around.

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