Whiskey and cigars make for a classic combination that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. They’ve both got strong, warming flavors that are meant for enjoying slowly.

When it comes to products that are meant to help you enjoy both, the internet doesn’t disappoint. If you’re searching for that perfect gift for a cigar and whiskey lover, here is a curated list of ideas that are sure to be a hit.

Gift Ideas For Whiskey and Cigar Lovers

1. Whiskey Glass With Indentation for Cigar

A classic gift for anyone who loves both cigars and whiskey. The 12 ounce whiskey glass is made with an indentation that perfectly holds one cigar, making drinking and smoking even more enjoyable. Godlinger is one of the most renowned barware creators, so you know you’re getting a high quality piece.

2. Whiskey Glass with Cigar Rest

Similar to the product above, this whiskey glass comes with an ashtray that can rest on top of the glass and hold a cigar. What’s neat about this combo is that the ashtray keeps anything from falling into your whiskey (which you know could come in handy when people are smoking!).

3. Dual Whiskey & Cigar Flask

What could be handier than this? This flask holds 2 cigars and 4 ounces of whiskey. You can even get it engraved with whatever you’d like it to say for no extra charge.

4. Cigar & Whiskey flask in Leather Pouch

This leather pouch holds everything you need to get the night started: 2 cigars, a cigar cutter, and 2 ounces of whiskey. The cigar holder is hard and lined with cedar, so it’ll keep your cigars fresh and prevent them from getting smashed. Fitting nicely in a shirt pocket, this gift is perfectly portable!

5. Customizable Wooden Cigar Sign

Any cigar and whiskey lover will love this personal wooden wall decoration. It’s made out of solid pine and is customizable to whatever you’d like it to say. Perfect for a home bar or man cave!

6. Wooden Coaster and Cigar Rest

Check it out: $26

A simple and elegant gift – this wooden tray is great for someone whose ideal night includes both whiskey and cigars.

7. Whiskey & Tobacco Scented Candle

This candle has a slightly sweeter smell than you would expect for a “whiskey & tobacco” scent, but that’s a bonus, in our opinion. The opening of the candle is secured by a cork, which you don’t see everyday. It’s a small candle, but it burns for a long time (over 30 hours), bringing many hours of enjoyment to a room.

8. Whiskey & Cigar Themed Gift Set

A perfect gift for cigar and whiskey lovers. This set comes with 2 whiskey glasses (that have indentations to hold cigars), whiskey rocks, tongs, and a cigar cutter – all packaged up in an elegant wooden box .

9. Whiskey & Cigar Socks

People joke about getting socks for Christmas, but if they were getting socks decorated with whiskey and cigars, we think there’d be a lot less complaining.

10. Travel-Themed Whiskey Decanter Set

There’s not really a “cigar” component to this gift idea, but it’s so amazing we had to include it. This airplane decanter set is sturdy, elegant, and can hold 650 mL of whiskey. Both the decanter and glasses are etched with a map of the world. This is truly a unique and conversation-starting piece that any whiskey aficionado will love.

11. Whiskey & Cigars Sweatshirt

Whiskey and cigars sweatshirt from Teepublic.

Just a simple but fun sweatshirt.

12. WHiskey and CIgar Themed Cocktail Shaker

Your friends will love mixing a nice whiskey sour in this cocktail shaker. Holding 16 ounces, it’s perfect for making two drinks. What’s unique about this shaker is that the outside is covered in genuine neoprene (a.k.a wetsuit material) which eliminates the problems most people have with metal shakers – condensation and freezing hands! This product is made in America with food-grade stainless steel.

13. “A Man Cannot Survive on Whiskey Alone” t-shirt

Tshirt that says a man cannot survive on whiskey alone.

A funny t-shirt for friends who just can’t get enough of whiskey and cigars! It’s high-quality fabric and comes in a wide variety of colors.

14. Hanging Cigar Rest

You can turn any whiskey glass into a cigar holder with this hanging metal device. It simply hooks over the edge of the glass. It’s perfect to keep in a kitchen drawer or bar cart for times when you want to enjoy a smoke with your drink.

If you’re looking to find a new whiskey to give as gifts this year, check out the wide selection on Spirit Hub. They’ve got craft whiskey from all over the U.S., and they’re offering 10% off for the holidays with the coupon code GIFT10.

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