We’re all familiar with that moment at a party where someone yells “shots!’ and, well, that means everyone’s taking a shot. If you’ve ever tried carrying full shot glasses over to your guests, you know it’s not easy (unless you want to lose some precious tequila along the way). One solution is to invest in a shot glass serving tray so you can take your drinks wherever the party is – the living room, backyard, pool, anywhere.

Here’s a list of top-rated shot glass serving trays to match any style. Each of these holders comes with glasses, so you don’t have to worry about finding ones that fit. Class up your next party, or find the perfect gift for your shot-loving friend.

Mid-Century Modern Shot Glass Tray

High quality, high fashion. If you love mid-century-modern-everything, this setup will look great not only at your parties but also as a decoration on a shelf or bar cart.

Large Wooden Shot Tray

With 12 shot glasses, this’ll really get the party going! This shot glass set is high quality and will serve you well for years to come.

Tequila Shot Glass Tray

This is what every tequila lover needs. This tray comes with six shot glasses, but most importantly it has a built in salt shaker and a plate to hold lime wedges. You can do tequila shots anywhere with a handy setup like this.

Handled Shot Glass Holder

We dare you to find a cuter shot glass tray. This wooden holder is sturdy, and the handle makes it so easy to carry from kitchen to anywhere else. Perfect for a cookout or pool party.

Marble Shot Glass Set

If you really want to impress your guests, this shot glass set is sure to make a statement. It’s made from 100% marble, making it both durable and elegant. You may get called “extra” for this one, but just imagine taking cold shots out of pure stone.

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