The modern cocktail shaker was likely invented in the mid-1800s. Prior to that, cocktails had been mixed by sloshing the liquid back and forth between different containers. While that may work, a lot of messes have been avoided (and with that, a lot less alcohol lost!) by simply mixing the drink in an enclosed shaker.

While several forms of shakers have evolved since then, it’s thought that the first version used glass. It’s sturdy and easy to clean – what could be better? Unless you’re worried that after a few cocktails you’ll drop your shaker, glass is a great option for both function and aesthetics. Below are some of the best glass cocktails shakers beloved by both beginning and advanced bartenders.

Best Glass Cocktail Shakers

1. Fabulous Crystal Shaker

This cocktail shaker is not only functional and easy to use, but it doubles as a stunning decor piece. The design is reminiscent of the American Brilliant period of the late 1800s, named so for the rise in popularity of glass and crystal cut with intricate geometric patterns. The lid is easy to take on an off, but fits tightly enough to eliminate leakage while shaking. Thick, sturdy, and beautiful – it’s what every 20s-themed party needs!

2. Glass Cocktail Shaker with Handy Markings

This glass cocktail shaker is a favorite among bartending beginners. It is sturdy, easy to use, and has helpful measurement markings and recipe recommendations printed on the glass. This shaker comes in three sizes and can hold 12 ounces (pictured), 14 ounces, or 20 ounces (for when you reeeally need a drink). The only thing to watch out for is that you’ll need to hold both the lid and body together while shaking to form the tightest seal.

3. Kate Spade Pink Glass Shaker
Check it out: $50

Did you know Kate Spade made cocktail shakers? They do, and they are gorgeous and sturdy. The tinge of pink in the glass is what makes them really unique. You can get a matching Kate Spade pink glass ice bucket and cocktail carafe, as well.

5. Retro-Style Patterned Shaker

Not only is this shaker pretty, but it is rust-proof, leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and the raised pattern creates extra grip while you’re shaking. It holds up to 21 ounces and comes with a built-in strainer. Check out other uniquely patterned shakers here!

6. Stylish Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

This elegant cocktail shaker set has everything you need to make the perfect drinks for your guests (or yourself!). It uses the traditional Boston-style shaker, with a stainless steel tin and a glass meant to be held together and shaken. Because of its simplicity, this shaker is easy to clean and will never get stuck. As a five star reviewer said, “It’s amazing how using the right tools can turn everyone into a bartender!”

7. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Here’s a twist on the classic and ever popular mason jar. Not only does it have that casual rustic feel, but outfitted with a cap and strainer it makes for a very sturdy and fun to use cocktail shaker. It holds a whopping 32 ounces, and can double as the cup from which to drink the cocktail. The creators of this particular shaker also wrote a recipe book on some of the best drinks to make in it.

These glass cocktails shakers are favorites among drink enthusiasts, but there are many more options out there. If you want to browse more options, check them out here. And if you’ve had problems in the past with cocktail shakers that always seem to get stuck, here’s a list of some of the easiest to open shakers.

Cocktail Shaker Accessories

All of the glass cocktail shakers shown above come with a built-in strainer, but if you opt for a shaker that doesn’t, you’ll need to purchase a strainer separately. The Hawthorne strainer is the traditional option preferred by bartenders all over the world. It’s durable, versatile, and dishwasher safe. If you’re looking for a strainer that’s a little less expensive, this $8 Oxo strainer works great as well.

For times when you don’t want to use a cocktail shaker, but still want to feel fancy mixing your drink.

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