It’s no secret that the hobby of doing jigsaw puzzles has exploded since the coronavirus lock-downs. And with good reason! It’s a really fun way to pass some time either alone or with roommates or family. If you’ve tried to buy any new puzzles recently, you’ve probably found that they seem to be sold out everywhere, which can be frustrating. So we’ve put together a list of the 9 best beer-themed jigsaw puzzles (our favorite!) that are in-stock and ready to buy right now. And since this is a drinking game website, we of course need to suggest this jigsaw puzzle drinking game to go along with your puzzling. Totally optional, but lots of fun!

“Vintage Beer Collage” – 1,000 pieces

Take a step back in time and enjoy the vintage charm of this puzzle. It’s large enough and busy enough to keep you entertained for hours!

“World Beer Collection” – 500 Pieces

If your drink doesn’t have you dizzy, this puzzle will! At 500 pieces, it’s a good size to start and finish over a weekend.

“Coffee in the AM, Beer in the PM” – 1,000 pieces

Now here’s something we can all relate to! Whether you’re pairing this puzzle with coffee or beer, it’s sure to keep you entertained for quite a while. With all that solid color, you might need a beer to keep you going.

“Beers of the World Infographic” – 1,000 pieces

If you want to gain a little beer knowledge, here’s the perfect puzzle for you. It’s another one that would look really neat hanging on your wall.

“Beer Bottle Caps” – 550 pieces

Puzzles are all about color, and this one has got lots of it!

“It Could Have Been Beer” – 1,000 pieces

Alright, here’s a real challenge for you! With just 3 different colors on this thousand piece puzzle… you’re going to need a beer or two. Recommended for experienced beer-puzzlers 🙂

If you enjoy beer jigsaw puzzles, check out the jigsaw puzzle drinking game!

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